Students Camp

"Grooming Inspiring Leaders"

HCLD Student Camp

HCLD offers custom built outdoor, residential camps to hone and perfect the young minds of students.

HCLD camp is learning with fun. Its more than just adventure. Each student picks crucial life skills from each activity that he participates in. This is achieved by what is known as “Processed Adventure”.

Why Processed Adventure?

The benefits of pure adventure usually stop with the immediate thrill derived from the activity. Processed adventure is a scientific approach to use outdoor activities as a means to change perceptions and attitudes, and thereby transform mindsets.

HCLD carefully developed and executed methodologies have given wonderful results. The benefits are immediate yet long-lasting. We keep hearing from parents about their child changing for the better after returning from our camp. Instead of telling them what to do, hear them say, ‘I need to do this’!

HCLD modules are also designed to be well-balanced, with a judicious mix of creative activities, adventure activities, environmental awareness and field trips and even army boot camp basics.

HCLD seasonal camps for students are not about the usual singing, dancing or painting. They are not just about trekking or sight-seeing, although that could be a part of the agenda.

HCLD camps are geared to give the student a taste of the real world. Here, you can choose to include a choice selection of fun activities like cycling, flying kites and riding in bullock carts, or activities that aim at teaching the importance of conservation and survival, like river crossing, kitchen gardening or rain water harvesting.

We also have games to teach leadership, time management, team work and setting of goals. We come up with itineraries custom built for each season, like summer camps, and winter holiday camps