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"Grooming Inspiring Leaders"

A Laptop/Desktop/Computer/Tablet/Mobile with an internet connection having good bandwidth.
Online classes take place live, face to face, with the teacher through Computer/ Laptop/Desktop/Tablet/Mobile at your home itself. You just need an Internet connection and headphone (headphone optional). Headphone is required when your Mobile Laptop or desktop's speaker & microphone are not working. The online classes will have the same feel as attending any offline classes, because there will be a two way communication where students and teacher can communicate through voice during the class. The online classes also have option of raising hand and chat options during the class. Students can ask their doubts during the class in the comfort of their home itself.
You will get a live class link in your email. Just click on the class link to enter the class. After entering the class whatever the teacher writes on the board, will appear on your computer screen and you can speak to the teacher directly through voice. You will also be helped by Live Home Tuition Support Team regarding how to enter the live class. A free trial class will be given to the student before enrolment.
In personalized/individual one to one classes, there will be only one student in the class. In group classes, the batch size will be the smallest with maximum 9 students in a batch. These 9 students will be from different cities and you (parents) will get to know how their preparations are going on and where you stand amongst your competitors. The batch size is kept smallest so that each & every student gets more individual attention and more time from the part of the teacher.
Yes, we have features in our classroom platform that provide real time, live voice interaction during the online class. You can also write & type your problem on the board during the class. Your teacher has control in providing you the access to audio, video and writing tools in the classroom.
For one to one individual classes, timing will be as per convenience of the student. The student can select his/her own CLASS TIME, CLASS DURATION, CLASS DAYS PER WEEK & CLASS START DATE. For group classes, the CLASS DAYS & CLASS TIME is pre-fixed by Live Home Tuition.
Before the actual class starts, Live Home Tuition staff will show you how to enter the live classroom. It's a kind of brief technical orientation class where we explain about classroom tools, do troubleshooting as well as make sure that your computer/laptop/tablet/mobile system is working fine and there will not be any problem during the live class with the teacher. It is done in advance so that teacher's precious time and your class time is not wasted during the actual class. It ensures that you are prepared to take the class at the scheduled date(s) and timing; and that your desktop/laptop/computer/tablet & internet connection are working well before the actual class time. During the entire duration of the class, an administrator (with technical knowledge) will be present in the class. Though the technical issues are very rare, but if a student faces a technical problem, he/she can just ping/message to the administrator (contact details of administrator will be provided to the student), & the student can also directly call the administrator and the administrator then helps in resolving the technical issue. Please ensure you have sufficient internet data and data validity so that the class/session goes well without any hindrance and interruption.
If a student misses any class on account of some genuine reasons/emergency, the class can be rescheduled. However, it does not mean that the student can make excuses very often to reschedule the class frequently.
We have experienced and trained teachers who are highly interactive, friendly and professional. Our teachers understand student's level, knowledge base and fundamental concepts. Accordingly, they plan every lecture based on student's individual needs. They focus in making the student's concepts clear starting from basic level to advanced level. As a result even the below average students start finding the studies comfortable and become more and more interested in grasping key concepts of the topic. I.e. our teachers create interest in the students for learning. The teachers demonstrate the concept with live examples and proceed further only after clearing the conceptual doubts. At the start and end of the session they may conduct questions solving session by students to recheck their homework and preparation
We conduct review meetings in every term with parents’ and students to know parents point of view and their expectations from us. These meetings are conducted between class tutor, parents and students. After any meeting, minutes of meeting will be shared with support team to make sure that the problems (if any) are resolved before the upcoming classes and if any further requests from the parents side are mentioned, they will also be considered.
To attend a free demo class, a student needs 1) A Computer/Laptop / Desktop/Tablet/Mobile, 2) Headphone with mike (Optional), 3) Internet Connection with good bandwidth. Go to our website, fill the write to us form in our website and send your demo request to us. Don't hesitate to contact us on +91 9447366629, +91 9447456128, +91 9495626557 or email us at, we will help you book the free session.
Yes. The main objective of Counselling is to solve problems of students from start to end. We have experts ranging from diverse fields who help students in their career choices. Our experts include IIMS, HR Practitioners, Sr. Management Personnels working in Corporates, Doctors, Engineers and Psychologists.
In an academic year (10 months) a student has to pay fees in 5 instalments. Fees has to be remitted in the following bank account by NEFT.

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