Competency Assessments

"Grooming Inspiring Leaders"

HCLD Competency Assessments

HCLD have an extensive and long – standing expertise in the development of competencies across many industries and sectors.

Our competency framework provides the foundation for training that drives employee productivity and performance.

What are the benefits of HCLD competency assessments?

   Provide a performance assessment tool

   Provide ongoing employee performance coaching

   Acknowledge satisfactory and exemplary performance

   Highlight skills that require additional training or practice

   Benchmark employee performance across organisation norms

   Define competency and target performance within the organisation

HCLD offers effective, results-based competency solutions, including:
HCLD Competency Mapping

HCLD Competency mapping creates standards for employee training and development specifically tailored to your organizational needs. Competency maps are also sometimes called competency profiles or skills profiles.

HCLD Competency Accessments

HCLD Competency Assessments measure how well an employee is performing required job skills in relation to your organization’s performance standards. Benchmarking competencies provides targeted data that enables organizations to take strategic action for performance improvement.

HCLD Training in Competencies

HCLD provide you with the skills to create competency maps and develop competency-based training.

HCLD Transferable Skills

HCLD identify existing skill sets in your workforce that can be transferred to other occupations. The results are faster transitions and the maximization of skilled resources.

HCLD Occupational Standards

HCLD Competency Group has extensive experience developing national occupational standards for many occupations across many industries.